How To Choose The Right Podcast

How To Choose The Right Podcast

Related imageWith so many podcast choices out there waiting to be discovered, it might be overwhelming to manage.

Listeners have a lot to consider before embarking on this journey. So how can a podcast listener sift through the feeds and find the right podcast? Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind:

Find the right platform

Podcast platforms like these offer an intuitive custom recommendation feature that recommends curated podcasts to cater to your specific interests. They also offer an in-audio search feature that allows you to make precision-perfect searches to the very second of audio information you searched.

Find Your Format

There are five main types of podcast formats: solo podcast, interview podcast, multi-host show podcast, roundtable or panel podcast, and the newsletter or information podcast. Some people may be drawn to one format over another, and figuring out what option suits you better makes it easier to navigate through the variety of available podcasts. Although some of these varying styles of podcasts may shift their format from time to time, once you have discovered which type best suits your preferences, choosing the ideal podcast will become a lot easier.

Consider your interests

One way of narrowing down your options is to consider which genres you favor over others. If the genre exists, there’s a matching podcast. Each genre of podcasts has a matching style. For example, mysteries tend to be fast-paced and thrilling, often written without adornment.. Alternately, the fantasy genre is filled with dense characterization, globs of description, and proceeds at a stately pace.

Thinking about your favorite stories, books, movies, talk radio shows, plays, etc., can give you a more precise sense of what type of information you are most drawn to allowing you to refine your searches.  If you want to explore your Christian faith, try these titles.  If you love murder mysteries or ‘Whodunits’, then podcasts like these can be a great start. If politics is your bag, try these podcasts from the conservative viewpoint and these from the liberal viewpoint.  Or, lighten it all up with some comedy from podcasts like these.  Whether you’re looking for political analysis, public radio or an intellectual philosophy podcast, you can start mapping the types of podcasts that make most sense for you.

Word-of-mouth recommendations

Don’t neglect the importance of recommendations when it comes to picking the right podcast for you.  Ask your friends what they like.  People around you know what your tastes and interests are. So don’t hesitate to ask a podcast listening friend or a work colleague and take their advice. You may just find the podcast of your dreams.

What makes podcasts so fantastic?

Podcasts offer you the opportunity to create your own portable radio station, tailored to your interests and hosted by people you may empathize with. Whether you are commuting, working, or merely relaxing at home, podcasts always provide a free and fresh way of entertainment with that added benefit of allowing the listener full control of what they’re listening to. With podcasts, you have it all at your fingertips: flexibility, variety, and novelty. Go ahead — discover the wide and entertaining world of podcasts.