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Thank you for visiting our site. It is great that you are taking some time to reflect on the choices available for your children’s training. This choice will have a huge impact the lives of your children now and in the future.

You can provide a GREAT educational experience for your children by choosing Traverse City Christian School. We agree with you that every child is a gift from God. We agree with you that one of your most important responsibilities is to provide every opportunity for your child to develop their God-given talents. We want to partner with you to encourage and challenge your children spiritually, academically, athletically, and artistically.

By partnering with TC Christian, you will have chosen to join a community of learners from many traditions and backgrounds. Our dedicated teachers and staff are committed to nurturing your children in a spiritually vibrant environment. Enduring values and long-term benefits that your children will receive from their TC Christian education include academic excellence, a Biblical worldview, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom covering all aspects of life. Simply stated, we prepare our students for life! Our theme for this year is “Take A Stand”.  Your child’s ability to “Take A Stand” is particularly important during times of change and challenge.

  • Our Athletics emphasize Christ-like character, commitment and working as a team toward an ultimate goal;
  • Our Arts programs teach students to use their creativity to honor God and reach others with the Gospel of Jesus;
  • Your children will be partaking in excellent life-long relationships;
  • Your value as a parent will be honored;
  • Our tuition is affordable and based on family needs.

By sending your child to Traverse City Christian School, you will have chosen to provide long-term benefits that will continue to pay dividends for years to come. You can feel confident in entrusting your children to us, and we thank you for your dedication and commitment to Christian education. The dividends for you and your children are priceless.

Schedule a Tour

Please contact our office to schedule a tour or to meet with our admission director.  231-929-1747 or e-mail us at

Tuition Information

Traverse City Christian School offers a “needs based tuition.” Families may be considered for financial aid by applying through FACTS Management an on-line resource that provides faith-based institutions, such as Traverse City Christian School, with a simple and concise way to apply for financial aid. To find out more about FACTS please follow this link: FACTS

If you desire to apply for financial aid please begin the process by contacting our admissions office at or 231-929-1747 and schedule an appoint to speak with our admissions director.  Due to the high volume of applications and the time required to process financial aid applications, TC Christian can only consider applications for financial aid after a family has applied for enrollment to TC Christian school.