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“Set It and Forget It.”
From Re-Enrollment to Continuous Enrollment

Our admissions team works diligently to make the annual re-enrollment process as painless as possible, but we want to make things even easier for TCCS families! Why should you have to repeat a process for something to which you’re likely already committed, namely a quality Christian education for your children. At the same time, in order to budget and plan for the next school year, including hiring and retaining the very best teachers and staff, our leadership team needs to know who is committed. That’s why we’re launching Continuous Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s back-up. What was Re-Enrollment?

For planning and budgeting purposes, we need to know how many students to plan for on the first day of school. Every winter, our admissions staff sent a re-enrollment agreement to each family. Parent(s) were expected to sign and return this by the end of April if they were planning to re-enroll their child(ren) for the next school year.

Our recent growth requires us to plan for adding future classes, hiring new teachers, and improving our facilities. Our school leadership team diligently plans to ensure that we’re prepared to fulfill our mission with excellence every year. Until TCCS families “sign on the line” that they’re coming back each year, we can’t make solid plans for staffing, programs, class offerings, materials, curriculum, and facility usage.

We take the stewardship of tuition dollars entrusted to us very seriously. We want to invest these tuition dollars wisely so that we can provide the best education possible for TC Christian students.

I have no plans to change schools – and almost everybody came back last year. Can’t I just stay at TC Christian until I notify the school otherwise?

Great idea! Up until this point, re-enrollment has been an “opt-in” program. Annually, we have asked every family, “Are you coming back?” In a sense, we’ve been requiring the vast majority of families to go through this process when, in actuality, only a few families decide not to return. On average we have over 90% of our student body returning for the next school year. So everyone had to go through re-enrollment paperwork for the sake of a small group who, for one reason or another, left our TCCS community.

By signing your new Continuous Enrollment agreement, you will be flipping that script. Rather than an ‘opt-IN’ process each year,our annual re-enrollment period will now become an ‘Opt-OUT’opportunity.

Just let us know if you are not planning to return next year. For the majority of families, if you’re coming back after signing your “Continuous Enrollment agreement,” you won’t have to do a thing!

When will this take place?

Mid-February, 2019 marks the launch of Continuous Enrollment

In place of the old re-enrollment agreement, current families will sign the new Continuous Enrollment agreement. All agreements will be due by March 8, 2019. In subsequent years following the 2019-2020 school year,notifications to disenroll (“Opt Out”) will need to be submitted by March 8.

We look forward to serving TCCS families in this way and making this process easier and more convenient!

So what will March 2019 look like?

Instead of sending out re-enrollment agreements to everyone, we will instead email the new “Continuous Enrollment” agreements to each family by February 15, 2019.

Once you re-enroll your child at TC Christian by signing it, you will not have to sign another enrollment agreement during your child’s time at TCCS. This means their spot in their class will be secured until graduation. This new agreement will be due by March 8, 2019.

In other words, after you sign your new Continuous Enrollment agreement, you’ll be part of our community until you tell us otherwise. If your plans change, then you’ll simply let us know during the ‘Opt-Out’period each spring for the following school year.

After this year, what will the ‘Re-Enrollment Period’ look like?

After we roll-out the Continuous Enrollment program, the typical re-enrollment process every February will simply be a communication reminder from the school informing the families that might be thinking about leaving our school to notify us by March 8. It will be an opportunity to ‘opt out’ of enrollment for the following year.

If previous years are any indication, this means that almost all TCCS families will have the convenience of giving this message a cursory look and letting it go!

Will Continuous Enrollment affect my tuition payments?

No. Continuous Enrollment simply expedites the flow of students from one year to the next.

Just as we do each year, tuition rates will be set and shared in February. If you are already enrolled and on a payment plan, your plan will simply roll over to the next year with any necessary updates included (e.g. grade advancement, tuition rate adjustment, Variable Tuition awards). To make a change to your payment plan at any time, or to set one up, simply notify David Best in the Business office ( as soon as you can.

Will Continuous Enrollment affect my Variable Tuition award?

No, your Variable Tuition (VT) award is not impacted by Continuous Enrollment. However, since VT is needs-based and allocated on an annual basis, each year you will need to submit FACTS documents to support your VT request.

If you qualify for Variable Tuition and decline your award, you may un-enroll without penalty, providing you do so within 14 days from the announcement of your Variable Tuition award.

How do we notify the school if we are not planning to return the following year?

We have created an easy one-page opt-out form for your use. To notify the school that your child will not be returning in the fall, simply request this form by emailing Deb Gleason ( in the Enrollment office and submit it by the March 8 opt-out deadline.

What if my child needs to repeat a grade?

Especially in preschool and kindergarten, students may need an additional year at a grade level. These discussions will occur between you and the teacher. If a child will remain in the same grade-level for another academic year, it is just a matter of a change on the school’s side and will require no changes to your enrollment.

What’s the penalty if I break the agreement?

Again, TC Christian makes decisions related to hiring staff, classes, and purchasing additional curriculum and materials based on anticipated enrollment. Your future plans influence our current decisions.

For that reason, if you notify TC Christian of your decision to opt out of your agreement for the following school year by March 8 of the current year, there is no penalty. However, if you notify us of your child’s withdrawal after the opt out date, TC Christian will charge your FACTS Tuition account one month of the upcoming year’s tuition.

What about unique circumstances? I’m planning on keeping my kids at TCCS. What if God has other plans for my family?

We understand that life takes other turns than what we had imagined, so we’ve built flexibility into this agreement.

If the March 8 deadline passes, and you then find you must leave due to major life changes and unforeseen circumstances, our Board of Trustees will review your unique situation on a case-by-case basis to consider releasing you from the agreement. The Board reserves the right to examine the merits of each individual case, but in general for unique circumstances, such as those listed below, families dis-enrolling after March 8 will be exempt from the withdrawal penalty:

  • Moving/Relocation 25+ miles from TC Christian.
  • Educational needs for the student that can no longer be met at TC Christian as determined by the TCCS Student Support Services teams.
  • Dis-enrollment at the request of TC Christian.
  • Other circumstances as approved by the Board of Trustees
So how is Continuous Enrollment different from Re-Enrollment?

Continuous Enrollment is a simple one-time process. Once you sign your Continuous Enrollment agreement, you’ll never have to deal with re-enrollment again. Again, our motto is “Set it and Forget it”— sign one Continuous Enrollment agreement and you are done for the rest of your child’s schooling at TC Christian.

You will be part of the TCCS community until you tell us otherwise, and your child’s spot in their class will be secure until graduation. In the event that things do change, you’ll have until March 8 every year to simply notify the school and face absolutely no penalty.

What does this mean for new families?

New families will sign the Continuous Enrollment agreement at the time they enroll their child(ren). This new agreement replaces the former enrollment agreement which was previously used for all families.

What do I get out of this?
  • Simplicity. Continuous Enrollment eliminates the annual re-enrollment process and paperwork involved.
  • Guaranteed placement. With increasing enrollment, we will quickly be at or near capacity in many of our grades. Placement in next year’s class is an increasingly sought after spot. By enrolling now, you will be securing your child’s spot in his/her class until graduation.
What is the process for updating my information after I am continuously enrolled?

Parents may log into and update their information in FACTS/ParentWeb at any time during the year. We will also send you an email in June reminding you to review and update your information online.

Several policies/forms are covered in the Continuous Enrollment agreement.

Occasionally, at certain grade levels, you may be asked to submit additional permission forms (for example, student driver authorization). These forms will be included in the online verification communication in June.

Who do I speak to if I have questions or concerns?

For questions about Continuous Enrollment, please contact:

Deb Gleason Enrollment Office 231.929.1747 ext 143
David Best Finance Office 231.929.1747 ext 124
Steve Anderson Admissions Office 231.929.1747 ext 127