Mission and Values

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TC Christian is focused on creating, shaping, and molding all students to
develop their own unique God-given potential and stewardship toward God,
concerning themselves, the world around them, and mankind.


Biblical Worldview

At TCCS we value seeing life through the lens of scriptural truth and living accordingly. We acknowledge the sovereignty of God over every aspect of creation, seeking to proclaim God’s truth by how we live, learn, and teach. We address the fallen-ness of humanity and the broken-ness of creation by directly addressing their effects on life as God intended it to be. We do not avoid difficult issues; we teach biblical discernment.

Academic Excellence

We value high academic standards for our students, cultivating each child’s potential capacity as an image-bearer of God. We provide educational excellence for each student within a safe and loving environment.

Authentic Biblical Community

TCCS is a faith-infused community. Our faith is passionate and the Spirit is alive among us. We lovingly hold each other accountable to the core values stated here. We demonstrate unwavering support to our fellow community members in upholding these same values.

Christ-like Character Development

At TCCS we value expressions of biblical compassion toward everyone. We passionately desire to learn and grow as disciples who seek to be like Jesus. We seek to develop servant leadership in every member of our community, and live to glorify and honor the creator.

Whole Child Emphasis

We value each child as a unique workmanship of God himself. We value the wholeness of each child’s character, academic progress, effort, physical abilities and artistic expression.


Glorifying God, Partnering With Parents and Equipping Students to
Transform the World for Jesus Christ

This is both what we do and why we do it. We are committed to glorify God both in chapel and in how we teach and learn. We honor our creator in Bible class and in all classes. When we speak of truth, we are referring to God’s truth. Through the power of his Spirit and his Word, we intend to glorify God by transforming the world for Jesus Christ.

Research consistently shows the most important factor in high achieving schools is parental support of the educational mission. We are a seamless community of believers committed to the wholeness and wellbeing of all our children and adults, whether students or staff. Our children experience a consistent moral and spiritual message from the home, the church and the school. Our most obvious differentiator, the factor that contributes more to the distinctiveness and success of TCCS than any other, is that we live our mission together, within a genuine Christian community.

It is exciting to see the consistently high results on our yearly Terra Nova standardized testing. While we certainly are pleased with these results, our motivation for equipping our students goes well beyond academic achievement. It comes right out of scripture itself.  “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord,…” Colossians 3:23 As a Christian school we are continually seeking excellence in all aspects of education.

But there is another factor to excellence. We at TCCS are called to examine all things in light of Colossians 2:3, where we read that in Christ ‘are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.’ We at TCCS consider carefully the question, “How can we, or any school, be excellent unless we honor Colossians 2:3 in all subject areas? It is a privilege to strive for true excellence by recognizing the kingship of Jesus over all things!

We realize that the world in which our children are living is most often very different from our intentional Christian community in which we nurture them. We are called not only to prepare our children for this world but also to teach them to live to transform their world for Christ. In this way we honor the prayer, “Your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.”