A Poignant Reminder Of Time’s Passing

| May 30, 2019

One of TC Christian’s newest (and often, most profound) traditions is Senior Speech Night.  Every Spring, in anticipation of graduation, each of the graduating Seniors is tasked with preparing and delivering a 12-minute dissertation that highlights their life experiences:  triumphs; tragedies; meaningful moments; lessons learned; special people; future plans; and their relationship with God.

On Speech night, the Seniors were distributed between three venues on the campus with an allocated time slot.  Then, with parents, teachers, friends, and extended family in attendance, each Senior delivered his or her presentation.  It is a testimony to the maturity and thoughtfulness of these young people that they could so effectively share their lessons, hopes, and dreams in just twelve short minutes.  When it was over, amidst the applause and appreciation, the Seniors knew they had made another significant step towards graduation and the drawing to a close of this season in their lives.

You can enjoy some of the pictures here.  Unfortunately, our photographers were constrained by the environments in which the speeches were set, resulting in fewer pictures than anticipated.  Our apologies if your favorite person was not featured.

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