Creation Keeping At The Au Sable Institute

| September 19, 2019

TC Christian 5th grade students journeyed to the Au Sable Institute this week to participate in the REYS program.  REYS stands for Restoration Ecology for Young Students and TC Christian students have been attending since 2017.  During that time, we have seen each of our students grow and mature into a “Creation Keeper”, one of our key Biblical Throughlines,

The students learned about the ecosystem and ways to protect and restore it for God’s glory!  They will do a culminating project at the end of the year, where the students will use their skills to plant something in our community such as trees, flowers, and other plants.  Not only will this bring beauty to our community, it will also demonstrate that the students care about God’s Creation and understand why it is important to keep it healthy!   See some more pictures from their trip here.

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