Creation Museum Visit

| June 6, 2019

The TC Christian 8th Grade class wrapped up their Middle School science experience with Mrs. Boven with a class trip to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Kentucky. The goal was for this trip to become an annual event!  The class traveled with parent chaperones and teachers in a caravan of vehicles.

At the Creation Museum they toured through several gardens, experienced multiple exhibits about Creation, went to a small animal zoo, rode on camels, and saw a Created Cosmos presentation in the planetarium. The Ark brought several ideas to life for them as they were challenged to think more deeply about Biblical KINDS (rather than species), how DNA would allow for different nations to come from 8 people on the Ark, and the role the Flood played in the Ice Age. Students also got up close and personal with several snakes in a live presentation. It was a lot of great information!

In addition to the educational aspect, the class bonded over pizza, pool parties, and board games. It was an amazing time!  A special ‘Thank You!’ goes out to our parent chaperones who helped make it all possible. Mrs. Boven is already looking forward to taking the next group of 8th graders!!  You can enjoy some of the trip photos here.

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