Every Day Is A Good One

| November 1, 2017

Everyone has a story at TC Christian. With students enrolled from all over Northern Michigan, our students and alumni share many things in common, among them their love for God, for each other, and for the education they receive at TCCS.

Today we hear from Braden Weber (’18).  Braden was recently named a National Merit semi-finalist for scoring in the 99th percentile on the SAT and is now in the running for one of just a few National Merit Scholarship Awards.  We asked Braden to reflect on his time at Traverse City Christian.

What do you love about Traverse City Christian School?

I’ve been going to Traverse City Christian School since elementary, and the better question is ‘What is there NOT to love about TCCS?’ I have had a positive experience in nearly every aspect of school life.

The teachers are all engaging, helpful, and Godly, and I’ve grown to love many of the little quirks that makes each one who they are. The student body is amazing as well. The sheer amount of encouraging, smart, and good-natured people makes every day a good one.

Any school events and extracurricular activities are well worthwhile simply because the student body is there. All in all, TCCS is made up of its people, and if it were a church, I would never leave.

Describe one of your favorite teachers

Mr. Rozeboom is a man of incredible depth and energy, both of which he uses to teach a thought-centered and well-rounded class.

He takes the time to delve into topics that matter either for practical life or for personal development, and he incorporates books into the real world.  One of his favorite phrases: “It’s not that it happened, it’s that it happens”.

I appreciate him every day for his tenacity in learning, respect for other viewpoints, and most of all, his Godliness.

Braden gathers with fellow students in prayer at a recent chapel

In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at Traverse City Christian School?

TCCS has built my faith by hiring people who take Christianity seriously. Sure, we have chapel, small groups, and Bible class, but most of my growth as a Christian stems from watching the example set in everyday situations by the staff and faculty.

Bible and chapel teach me the details of living for God, but they are useless without the inspiration to put them into action.

Traverse City Christian works to create an environment of authentic Christian discipleship and community, and of excellence in all that we do.  What’s your experience of that at Traverse City Christian?

I find authentic interactions at TCCS nearly every day. Small groups make way for deeper relationships among peers, and the examples put forth by the teachers help foster a community of people who are kind and encouraging.

In terms of excellence, I see each teacher work hard to keep the standards in their classroom and always make forward progress. The coaches I have had are passionate, putting in the extra time to make our programs better.

Overall, I have had a positive experience in nearly all categories of community and excellence.

How do you feel that TCCS is preparing you for graduation, college and life?

TCCS challenged me to build the necessary skills to succeed at college.

Mr. Rozeboom, in particular, often tells his students about the graduates that talk to him after college and thank him for preparing them. Some say that they are far advanced in their classes because of his teaching.  Mr. B also has many alumni that visit him and tell his classes how they have used his biblical concepts in real life.

Overall, I have confidence that what the school offers is tailored to benefit my future career, family, and spiritual development.

Braden (far left) participates in a panel discussion at CMU highlighting Stuttering Awareness Week.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I am planning on attending a college in Michigan that is known for engineering courses. What colleges in particular are still to be decided after more research and a few visits.

Beyond that, I want to stay as close to Traverse City as I can so I can visit often – my home, my church, my friends, and of course, TCCS.

The Weber family (L to R): Braden (’18), Sheila, Vince (’24), Anthony (Pastor and former TCCS teacher), and AJ (’14)

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