What do you teach / do at TC Christian?

I wear a few different hats at TCCS- In my role as Worship Director, I rehearse a group of high school musicians after school on Wednesdays and before school on Fridays to prepare for our 30 minute Friday Worship Chapel for Middle School & High School. In my role as Worship Coordinator, I seek out and invite local pastors, youth ministers, missionaries and other spiritual role models to speak to our Middle School and High School students at our 30 minute Monday Speaker Chapel. As the Middle School Music Teacher, I am teaching a course that focuses on music for corporate worship. We are learning how to sing, and learn and hear harmony by ear. Students also learn basic music theory as well as some audio and visual technology.  7th and 8th grade students additionally study piano, hand drums and guitar, and are learning how to read chord charts and play with rhythm. 8th graders also do a song writing project in their second semester. I also have the pleasure of coaching the middle school girls volleyball team. Go Sabres!

What do you enjoy most about working with students?

I love teenagers! They are my favorite people. I most enjoy getting to know individual students, hearing about their life, and future goals, and watching how fast they learn and grow in this stage of life. 

How do you incorporate a Christian Worldview at TC Christian?

My focus at TCCS is music, but my mission is leading people into the presence of God. As I am teaching, I try to be aware of our focus always pointing toward glorifying the Lord. I’ve said to my students, no one watching an amazing sunset ever says ‘Wow! Sun! You are spectacular! Good job shining!’ Rather, don’t we say ‘Wow! God! What an amazing sunset!’ In the same way as we perform music, or lead others in worship, our goal is not to bring glory to ourselves and our abilities, but rather glorify our creator. And it is for His Glory that we work hard, practice and train to do our very best. 1 Corinthians 10:31

What unique experience, talent, or interest do you bring to your role to help shape the experience of students and their families?

Before coming to TC Christian I was a Youth Pastor and Worship Leader. My husband is an ordained minister and we have three daughters in Middle School and High School.

What would students be surprised to find out about you?

My students might not know that I am also a potter, and have a ceramics studio in my home. I spent a number of years making cremation urns for a local distributor with a large online business, but now ceramics is more of a hobby.

How do you spend your summer breaks?

Our family loves to travel, so we usually plan at least one big trip over the summer. My daughters are usually involved in the Old Town Playhouse over the summer, as well as Lake Ann Camp, and we spend our remaining down time enjoying the weather and all that beautiful Traverse City has to offer June-August.

What school sport or activity do you enjoy watching?

I love watching TC Sabres volleyball, though watching the student cheering section is often just as entertaining! Outside of school, my favorite sport to watch is my Chicago Bears! GO BEARS!

What is your favorite bible verse?

Tough Question! How do you pick just one? I love Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. 

If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share?

Feelings are real and true and valid, but they are not necessarily facts. Whenever you are feeling the really big feelings, also prayerfully search out the facts. Ask the Lord to speak the truth into your situation. You may feel alone, but you are not alone. You may feel unloved, but you are loved beyond measure. You may feel ashamed, but Jesus has already covered you with forgiveness. You may feel trapped, but you have freedom in Christ. When you can speak the truth into your feelings, it can help you manage and move forward. Go on and feel the feels, but know the truth. 

In which other teacher’s class would you like to enroll, even for a day and why?

Dr. B’s bible classes! Because 1., I love to study the word in a group of people, and 2., I want a cool nickname!

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