Reg·is·trar (ˈrejəˌsträr/noun)
An official responsible for keeping a register or official records.  


At most schools, the Registrar is the resident statistician, keeper of the records, the grade monitor.  But at TC Christian, our Registrar is so much more.


Meet Judy Benson, TC Christian’s Registrar since 2002.  Over the years, Judy has experienced TCCS both as a member of the staff and as a Mom of four graduates.  She’s served as a the School Lunch program coordinator, attended more Sabre Athletics games than you can count, been the unofficial go-to school historian, and offered a friendly shoulder to cry on for staff, parents, and students.  

What do you love about TC Christian?
Wow, where to start.  Obviously, the loving Christian environment.  I also love that, because we’re a small school, students who are interested can participate in most extracurriculars like sports, drama, and the Worship team.  I love the family community and the life-long friends that are made between students and also between parents who all become lifelong friends. I’m an example of that.

What motivated you to join the team at TC Christian?
When I was hired, my eldest child, Michelle, was attending here.  My husband, Eric, and I knew we’d be sending our younger children here and we loved the idea of me being with my children and watching them interact at school.  I also loved the idea of working in a Christian environment and sharing the same worldview. Best of all, I loved knowing I could pray and ask for prayer at any time.

How do you incorporate a Christian Worldview in your work at TCCS?
It’s the simple things.  I’m a fervent believer in the power of prayer and I’ve prayed with many students over my career when they were upset and needed someone to talk to.  Not many schools, let alone workplaces, allow that.


What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your role to help shape the experience of students and their families?
God has given me a passion for this school.  Even though I no longer have children here, I still have a strong love for TC Christian and desire to see it thrive. I love helping wherever needed and I desire to use my God-given talents in any way I can .  

What sets TC Christian students apart from students in other schools?
I think we have a very caring and nurturing environment where everyone, no matter what grade, gender or ethnicity, is accepted. They love praying for each other and helping each other out.  I can also attest to the fact that our students receive a strong education in both academics and Christian Worldview. All of my four children were completely prepared for college (academically, spiritually, and socially) when they graduated from TCCS.  They also learned the Bible in such deep ways. I was told by a Youth Pastor that my children were far ahead of their Christian peers in their knowledge of the Bible due to the great Biblical education they received at TC Christian.


A TC Christian tagline is “Live Loved”.  How do you accomplish this in your role at TCCS?
I try to love unconditionally and show love to everyone.  I try to be encouraging to students when I have contact with them.

What do you want students to gain from having known you?  

I want students to have felt loved by me, to know that I believed in them, and that I supported them in any way I could.

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