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| October 24, 2019

A chance encounter at church for TC Christian Sophomore, Darci Trierweiler, was the impetus for developing a TCCS chapter of Teens For Life.  “I was going through a dry spell and asking God what He wanted me to engage in and to advocate for,” Darci explained.  “I started getting interested in politics and began learning about social issues.  Out of the blue, one Sunday at church I met a representative from Teens for Life who had a table in our foyer.  Right then I knew this was what God had planned.”

Founded in 1985, Teens for Life is the official youth outreach program of National Right to Life geared specifically toward teens. The pro-life movement is the humanitarian movement of our time in which young people can play an important role.  Teens grew up with legalized abortion and the promise that it would “solve” a host of social problems, but that is not the case.  “My Grandma runs a support group for post-abortive women and she sees how abortion hurts women in so many ways,” says Darci.  “None of the problems have been solved, they have worsened”.

Darci explains that many Christian teens hold a pro-life viewpoint, but most don’t know why they do.  “If their belief system is based on what mom and dad believe, and isn’t their own conviction, then the minute they hit the culture, their argument will crumble”, says Darci.  “Teens for Life wants to equip teens so they know what they believe and why.  Only then will they be able to engage the culture and help change hearts and minds.”

Darci finds it encouraging and inspiring that TC Christian’s theme for this year is ‘Equipped!’

“That’s precisely what we’re about,” she says, “equipping teens to help turn the tide of abortion.  It’s perfect!”

Meetings start next week and run every other week on Fridays.

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