It’s All About Love: Meet Kim Chesney

| August 10, 2018
What do you teach at Traverse City Christian School?

Preschool Teacher

What do you love about TC Christian?

The welcoming atmosphere.

Why do you like working at TC Christian? What motivated you to join the team at TC Christian?

I can openly teach my little ones about God’s love. I love the people here and their belief in God.

How do you incorporate a Christian Worldview in your work at TCCS?

It’s easy to teach my little ones about a Christian Worldview. Preschoolers are so open minded and like littles sponges. We incorporate it in play, Bible stories, songs, and our daily routine.

What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your role to help shape the experience of students and their families?

A unique experience I bring to our school is I had a dual major in college. Early Childhood Education and Sign Language. I have been teaching preschool for many years.

How have you seen God at work at TC Christian? (e.g. colleague, family, or student testimony)?

Everyone here genuinely cares about each other. The relationships you build with your colleagues and our families.

What sets TC Christian students apart from students in other schools?

We can openly pray for each other and talk about what God means to us.

A TC Christian tagline is “Live Loved”. How do you accomplish this in your role at TCCS?

We keep it simple with pre-schoolers.  We help them iunderrstand how much God loves them, that He is good at all times, and we teach the Golden Rule.

What do you want students to gain from having known you?

That I love each of them unconditionally.

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