We Love Our Volunteers!

| April 8, 2019

A huge reason TC Christian succeeds is because of volunteers.  Whether it’s our team of lunchroom workers, our ever-present classroom helpers, our coaches and drivers, our facility maintainers, or our friends down at Double Edge – and everyone in between – volunteers are a key component of TCCS.  Ask them why they help and you’ll hear a variety of responses.  Here are some of the more compelling reasons folks gave us as to why they volunteer:

It’s personal.  Volunteers love the school and all that their children are involved in, and they simply want to plug in and help out.

It’s inspiring.  Volunteers realize they can inspire others to get involved to make a positive change in the school community. It also sets a good example for children.

It’s energizing.  Volunteers typically work alongside other like-minded, motivated, positive people.  Connecting over shared passions while helping others is a great way to meet new friends.

It’s interesting.  Volunteering offers unique and exciting opportunities. Depending on the project, volunteers can get “behind-the-scenes” views of interesting programs and people.  There might even be opportunities to travel outside the area and overseas on mission trips as team leaders and chaperones.

It’s empowering.  Volunteers have often been the recipients of kindness and now have an opportunity to pay that favor forward. Often times, a word of encouragement and a little assistance to those in need can help them get back on their feet. And when they do, they’ll most likely do the same for others. And the cycle continues.

It’s easy. Volunteering has never been easier. TC Christian realizes that volunteers have varied skills and talents to bring to the table. Because we have a real interest in putting those talents to use to produce the greatest good for the school community, TCCS tries to be super flexible in volunteer scheduling, offering multiple opportunities to help accommodate busy schedules.

It’s healthy.  Volunteering is good for you. Studies show that volunteering releases tension. By helping others in need, they realize that, while not perfect, their life is a blessing to be celebrated every day.

It’s Biblical. Volunteer work matters especially to Christians because the Lord has called all believers to be active “priests”:  to represent God to other people in witness and service; and to represent other people to God in prayer. These priestly roles define our Christian walk, and this essential ministry service aspect of faith is the epitome of volunteer devotion.

So on this – National Volunteer Week – we pause to say ‘Thank you’ to all our volunteers.  Thanks for all you do for our school community.  We appreciate you more than you can know.  May the Lord richly bless and keep you.

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