Read-A-Thon Blowout!

| March 21, 2019

Students from as young as Preschool and Kindergarten all the way through 12th grade recently participated in a “Read-a-thon” Fundraiser to benefit the PTO.  Students solicited pledges from family and friends who promised a donation if those students read for a certain number of minutes over a prescribed time period.  When it was all said and done, over $15,000 was raised for the PTO.  And $2,000 of that came from our youngest readers in Preschool and Kindergarten!!

After some more data crunching, here are some fun statistics:

Readers with over 1000 minutes
  1. Emeline Phelps 5th grade (1544 min)
  2. Lily Hoy 4th grade (1325)
  3. Brandt Blodgett  5th grade (1322)
  4. Adelae Nelesen 5th grade (1290)
  5. Meghan Polzien 6th (1220)
  6. Emma Staub 7th (1015)
  7. Jack Biddix 1st grade (1005)
Fundraisers raising more than $500
  1. Ethan Novak 3rd grade ($871)
  2. Austin Miller 6th grade ($820.33)
  3. Abigail Miller 4th grade ($751.83)
  4. Clayton Miller 2nd grade ($696.33)
  5. Zoey Anderson 3rd grade ($575)
  6. Kealey Standfest 2nd grade ($510)
Total money: $15356.05               Total minutes: 32,122

Commenting on the event, PTO Treasurer, Serita Nelesen, said, “It’s obvious that we had very hard-working student readers and generous donors!”  Added Superintendent, Tyler VanSchepen,“This is a fantastic achievement and I would like to congratulate all the students who took part during their library periods and also during their free time over the last few weeks.  The PTO is a great cause and one which we are always happy to support.”

Congratulations to all the students who participated and in particular, our Reader Leaders.  The final numbers are not yet available but as soon as they are, we’ll update this page and share with you the top readers and fundraisers.  Great job, students!

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