Students Bless Unsung Heroes

| May 23, 2019

The TC Christian Student Council exemplifies the school theme: Be the Difference (Eph 2:10).  Earlier this year, the students determined that they wanted to do something to bless those men and women in our community who make a difference. While brainstorming ideas, the students recognized that some of the unsung heroes we see each day are the dedicated snowplow drivers who keep area roads safe and clear.  They created a very large ‘Thank You’ card expressing their appreciation for all the road crews’ efforts. The entire Middle and High school student body signed the card and the Student Council presented it to the County Road Commission Office.  The drivers and managers were grateful to be recognized for their work and promptly hung the card in their cafeteria for all to see.

As the students kept brainstorming, another idea that quickly rose to the surface was to do something nice for the firefighters, police, EMS and emergency workers who work hard to protect people and property in the Grand Traverse area.  As a way to give back, the Student Council had each Middle and High school student bring in a dozen baked goods to give to our First Responders.  In addition, each of the Bible study small groups wrote cards expressing appreciation for the work of these men and women.

Delivering these items was a great experience. The First Responders were extremely grateful, excited, and amazed that Middle and High school students would think outside of themselves and be a blessing to others. Several were almost moved to tears by their act of kindness.  The Responders wanted to show their thanks and were soon sharing stories about their work, showing the students around their facilities, breaking out the equipment they use on the job, and generally developing friendships with the young TCCS team.  All told, the students were able to bless around 12 separate locations.  Dale Bluemel, a pilot with the North Flight Aero Medical team (and TCCS dad!!), summed up the sentiments well when he wrote “The duty crews are so very thankful for all the goodies and the wonderful cards from TCCS!  Thank you for thinking of us!”

It was an amazing opportunity to be a light in the community, and to be a blessing to others. We are so very proud of the participation and effort from our student body.

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