Tuesdays with Tyler: Campus Security

| February 27, 2018

Students at TC Christian are known and loved. They are prayed over. They are cared for, encouraged, and nurtured. One of our core values is being an Authentic Biblical Community. We strive for a community atmosphere where students can grow, be held accountable, and also feel safe.

Unfortunately, we live in a sinful, fallen world where unforeseen events can happen. When these events happen, students, parents, and staff raise great questions about security and safety at TC Christian. We take the safety of our students seriously and want to ensure we provide a secure environment where they can be equipped to transform the world for Jesus Christ.

At TC Christian, we have several ways in which the safety of our students is taken into account:

  1. Updated entry doors. In January, new security doors were installed in the main entrance. During the school day (between 8:30am – 2:30pm), the entire school is secured with just one entry point for visitors at the main entrance.  This entrance is monitored through a video and buzzer system. Each visitor is required to “buzz in” and only after being recognized via closed circuit TV will that visitor be granted access. This helps ensure the school knows each person currently within the building and their purpose for visiting.  Moving forward, preparations are already underway to install protective fencing around the external classrooms and Elementary playgrounds.
  2. Security cameras on campus. Several cameras, both inside the school hallways and outside the building, are in place. These cameras can be useful for both looking back should there be an issue to follow up on, or in the case of a present and immediate danger, be used to track live time footage. TC Christian also maintains a 24/7 security presence with ADT Security Services.  ADT electronically monitors our doors, and after-hours will alert staff and the authorities if we experience an incursion.
  3. Lock-down drills in place. As a school, we practice lock-down drills with our students throughout the year. Security features are included within each classroom to protect students from any dangerous situations that may be present within or around the building.
  4. Community Relationships.  Our teachers know and love your students. With smaller class sizes, intentional student/staff relationships, and a mindset of seeing each child as an image bearer of God, parents can be assured their child is noticed, cared for, and loved by the staff within the building. When students are known and valued, the students feel safe and secure within the building. This safety and relationship also creates natural lines of communication for students to bring up any issues they may be having.

As a school, we continue to seek out ways in which to improve the safety and well-being of our staff and students. If you have any further questions or comments regarding the security at TC Christian, please feel free to contact me.


Tyler Van Schepen



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