When Seconds Count

| September 5, 2019

TCCS Middle Schooler, Ethan Ehlert, was happily munching on his lunch when the old adage ‘That went down the wrong way’ came true.  Ethan began choking as a piece of food became lodged in his windpipe.

Fortunately, TC Christian teacher, Erica Boven, was on-hand.  She quickly ascertained the situation and without hesitation, spun Ethan around and administered the Heimlich maneuver – a series of abdominal thrusts – which, after a couple of attempts, dislodged the obstruction and restored Ethan’s breathing.  It was a close call, one for which Ethan’s mom and dad are exceedingly grateful Erica could resolve.

“Our TC Christian teachers are amazing,” said Ethan’s mom, April Ehlert.  “Not only does Erica take time out of her lunch break every day to meet Ethan to administer insulin to him for diabetic life saving reasons, she was there today at the perfect time to rescue him while he was choking.  She saved his life!”

For her part, Erica was modest.  “I did what anyone would have done.  Ethan needed help and I knew what to do.  I’m just glad he’s OK”.

Great job, Erica!  We’re praising God that He had you right there to head off what was obviously a dangerous and distressing situation.  To learn more on the Heimlich maneuver – when to administer it and how – click here for a quick tutorial.

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