2023-2024 Tuition Rates

Pre-School (Children Ages 3-5)
Schedule Half Day $36/Day Full Day $48/Day
3 Days / Week $3,607 $4,746
4 Days / Week $4,809 $6,328
5 Days / Week $6,012 $7,910
    Number of Half Days
    0 1 2 3 4 5
Number of Full Days 0 X X X $3,607 $4,809 $6,012
1 X X $3,988 $5,191 $6,394 X
2 $3,164 $4,367 $5,570 $6,773 X X
3 $4,746 $5,949 $7,152 X X X
4 $6,328 $7,531 X X X X
5 $7,910 X X X X X

Create your own Preschool Schedule! We know that families with small children have a wide variety of scheduling needs. We are proud to offer many flexible options. As long as you register for the minimum number of days each week, you can create a schedule to meet your family’s needs. For example, you can set a schedule for the year of full days for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with a half day Thursday, pending available space. Space is limited, so apply early! Contact the Admissions office today to reserve your spot.

Additional Fees
New Student Application Fee $100/Student
$300 Family Max
Applied to tuition if received before May 31, 2023.
Payment Plan Options
Pay in Full Due July 2023 2% discount if received by July 31st, 2023.
Semi-Annual Payments Due July & December 2023 1% discount if received by July 31st, 2023 and December 31st, 2023.
Monthly Payments 12 monthly payments starting July 2023 $50 annual fee to enroll in monthly payment plan.

Past Due Balances

The TCCS Board has adopted the policy that student(s) whose families owe tuition and/or fees from previous year(s) will not be re-enrolled without prior approval from the Finance Committee.

Billing/Refund Policy

Tuition is billed either on an annual, semi-annual or flat monthly basis. Tuition rates are calculated based on the number of instruction days in the school year and monthly rates are determined on that basis. No refunds are issued for snow days or student absences. If a student withdraws before the school year is complete, tuition will be refunded based on the length of time the student has attended.

Contact Information
Business Office Administration Office Admissions Office
Faith Erickson
Mary Brown
Craig O’Connor


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