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6th and 7th Grade

Students in 6th and 7th grade courses are blocked into 1½ hour sections that meld and connect all subjects. Students are taught a Christ-centered “World History” curriculum over two years, where Math, Science, and English will be connected to historical, biblical events. For example, while learning about the Romans in Social Studies, students will read Roman-based historical fiction novels, study Roman mythology, learn Greek/Roman root words in spelling, discover how roman numerals were developed in Math, map a Biblical and historical timeline of events, and study rocks and minerals Romans used to make weapons.  All students will have access to learning through exciting lessons, discovery learning projects, and hands-on application activities each week.  A Bible/Homeroom course with two available teachers will allow for more questions and deeper learning experiences.

A Time of Transition

8th grade is our transition in to high school.  As such, our 8th graders will have 7 class periods a day and will earn their first high school credit.  They will have their first experience with exams.  This year is designed is to help them be successful as high school students.


Our curriculum consists of a planned systematic series of activities and experiences in which we use proven texts and materials to pursue our goals for each subject. We pursue solid academic competency for our students in all subjects. We also teach, in the context of each subject, about God’s character and the principles of His Word. We use every opportunity to develop the student’s Christ-like character. A unified Biblical world view is our goal!

What We Value

We value the following elements as essential to a Christian education curriculum:

1. BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES, because they…
a. Give an eternal and moral perspective on the application of knowledge and skills.
b. Clarify the implications of the choices we make.
c. Provide a solid framework which guides thoughts, decisions, and actions.

2. KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS, because they…
a. Constitute the general body of academic knowledge and pursuit.
b. Identify and develop God-given abilities and release the unique potential of each person.
c. Enable the student to pursue and achieve God’s best intellectually, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially.

a. Character is the essence of who a person is.
b. Character enables one to put godly values into practice in spite of difficulty and opposition.
c. Character enables one to serve in God’s army and pursue the purposes of God for his or her generation.
d. Character which is not purposely formed will become malformed.

The TCCS Difference

Our Christ-centered academics are taught by our exceptional highly dedicated staff, a number of our staff have one or more Master’s degrees. Our academic excellence begins in our preschool and extends all the way through graduation.

Traverse City Christian School consistently ranks first or second for composite ACT scores in northern Michigan, and our graduates attend such prestigious institutions as the University of Michigan, Stanford University, Wheaton College, the US Air Force and Naval Academies and Hillsdale College.  90% of our graduates who attend college receive academic and/or athletic scholarships.

Overall, small class sizes and a new, exciting curriculum allows for Traverse City Christian to be a unique fit for nearly all students.


TCCS is a winner of the State of Michigan Governor’s Cup for Excellence in Education and is accredited by the State of Michigan. TCCS is a member of Christian Schools International, The Council on Private Education, and the Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools.