What do you teach at Traverse City Christian School?

I teach 2nd grade


What do you love about TC Christian?

I love everything about TC Christian!  I love that everything we do here is Christ-centered.  I cherish the genuine, loving relationships teachers have amongst themselves, with families, and with students.  


Why do you like teaching at TC Christian?  What motivated you to become a teacher at TC Christian?

I like teaching at TCCS because I get to share my faith with students and incorporate God in all that I do and say.  I also love how our administration and families are so supportive. I was motivated to become a teacher at TC Christian because I really wanted my own children to attend this school.  The first time I visited TCCS I knew this is where God wanted our family.

How do you incorporate a Christian Worldview in your lessons at TCCS?

I incorporate a Christian Worldview in my lessons by pointing out God’s Hand in all of that we are learning.  I purposely draw students’ attention to all of the intricacies of the world and how no-one other than our almighty God could possibly create such a world as marvelous as this.


What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your role to help shape the experience of students and their families?

I am passionate about teaching Emergent Reader and Writers.  My goal is that each one of my students see themselves as readers and writers, and will find or strengthen his/her love for reading and writing in my class.


How have you seen God at work at TC Christian? (e.g. colleague, family, or student testimony)?  I have seen God at work in the lives of students and families at TCCS.   I have seen God at work at TCCS by the people He has brought to our school in recent years, to help us carry out our mission.  I’ve seen God at work in my daughters’ lives with the teachers he has placed in their paths that have made an everlasting, positive impact on their educational and spiritual lives.


What sets TC Christian students apart from students in other schools?

TC Christian students have the opportunity to live out their faith and show others how they are a shining light for Jesus.  TCCS students take pride in what we stand for. They strive for excellence knowing that all we do, we do for the Lord.


A TC Christian tagline is “Teaching Students Purpose”.  How do you accomplish this in your role at TCCS?
I accomplish this by creating a Christ-centered environment.  I can help them see their role as a Christian in today’s world, and how even as children they can make a positive impact for God.


What do you want students to gain from having known you?
I want them to know that I love and pray for them.  I want to help them gain the confidence and skills they need to become independent, self-motivated learners.  Most of all, I want students to gain a greater understanding of their purpose here on Earth. I want them to strengthen their passion for living a life for God, and I want them to dedicate their lives to spreading Christ’s message.  

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