It’s About More Than A Diploma

At TC Christian, knowledge is about more than just filling your child’s head with facts; education is about more than having them listen to a lecture or take a test. Here, your children will develop a deeper understanding of people, life, and God, all while getting a top notch education.

With a diverse package of classes and real world applications, we offer a wonderful opportunity to partner together and help shape your student’s worldview, academically and Biblically. Review our program and learn more about the courses we offer, our required classes, and some of the extracurriculars that make TC Christian a place in which high school students love to learn.


Studying the Bible trains students to engage the text of Scripture at a deeper level. It prepares them to understand the literary and historical studies that illuminate the Biblical narrative. It gives them research tools to ask context-based questions about authorial intent. And it equips them to see how the Scripture is connected to all aspects of life. The Bible is a required course through every semester of high school.

Course Name Semester Credit
New Testament Survey (9) Full Yr 1.00
Logic (10) 1st 0.50
Biblical Defense (10) 2nd 0.50
Understanding the Times (11) Full Yr 1.00
Theology (12) 1st 0.50
Apologetics (12) 2nd 0.50


Graduating equipped with knowledge of the structure and use of language extends your student’s abilities as a reader and writer, sharpening their skills to interpret and respond to both familiar and new texts. Pairing eloquent, meaningful words and written texts with structure and syntax prepares your student to read and write as an effective, ethically responsible communicator.  High school students must take four credits of English to graduate.

Course Name Semester Credit
Literature (9) Full Yr 1.00
American Literature (10) Full Yr 1.00
British Literature (11) Full Yr 1.00
Novels (12) 1st 0.50
Speech (12) 2nd 0.50


Mathematics provides a solid foundation in the discipline and prepares students for either advanced study or work in a variety of fields. Age-appropriate logic and problem-solving skills makes mathematics a challenging and valuable part of the TC Christian experience. High school students must take four credits of Mathematics to graduate.

Course Name Semester Credit
Algebra I Full Yr 1.00
Algebra 2 Full Yr 1.00
Geometry Full Yr 1.00
Pre-Calc/Trigonometry Full Yr 1.00
Calculus Full Yr 1.00
Personal Finance Full Yr 1.00


Science provides a well-rounded knowledge, experience and analytical base to enable students to successfully pursue further education in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. High school students must take three credits of Science to graduate.

Course Name Semester Credit
Biology (9) Full Yr 1.00
Chemistry/Physics (10) Full Yr 1.00
Anatomy & Physiology (Alternating Years) Full Yr 1.00


High school Social Studies studies the role Government, History, and Economics has played in our world. This inquiry scrutinizes human action and belief, for better or worse, and seeks to understand the forces and trends that shaped events and actions. The courses use authentic tasks, primary sources, and artifact lessons that teach students to learn as the scholars do, using modern and historical resources. Social Studies is a required course from Grade 10-12.

Course Name Semester Credit
World History (10) Full Yr 1.00
US History (11) Full Yr 1.00
Economics (12) 1st 0.50
Government (12) 2nd 0.50


In high school Spanish, students are transported beyond the traditional classroom setting into real world situations. Vocabulary and grammar are introduced through task-based learning exercises which help students naturally explore and practice the language. In 12th Grade, students embark on an overseas mission trip where they are immersed in a Spanish-speaking culture. This exposure to authentic language situations and varied speaking styles helps students become enthusiastic learners who are more confident communicating in real life settings. High school students take two credits to graduate.

Course Name Semester Credit
Spanish I (9) Full Yr 1.00
Spanish II (10) Full Yr 1.00
Spanish III (11) Full Yr 1.00
Spanish IV (12) Full Yr 1.00


At TC Christian, the Fine Arts curriculum incorporates hands-on art projects, photography, and creative writing. It helps your student to appreciate the arts and to understand the disciplines and habits characteristic of the creative life. High school students take one credit to graduate.

Course Name Semester Credit
HS Art (Varying Disciplines) 1st 0.50
HS Art (Varying Disciplines) 2nd 0.50
Yearbook 1st 0.50
Yearbook 2nd 0.50


Students learn key concepts then participate in activities that connect to real-word situations. This proven approach produces positive results that impact students for a lifetime. Health is a required subject in the Freshman year.

Course Name Semester Credit
PE/Health (9) Full Yr 1.00


Electives are some of the coolest classes you can take at TC Christian. They can cover almost any topic, from Worship Team to Entrepreneurial Leadership to an online class of your choice. But just like any other course you take at TCCS, colleges will be looking at your electives to see which classes you chose and the grades you got in them. Two elective credits are required for graduation.

Course Name Semester Credit
Worship Team – 8th Hr Both 0.25
Teaching Assistant Both 0.25
Study Hall Both 0.00
Online course Both 0.50
Cultural Geography Both 0.50


As they begin to think about their future, many high school students may find they want something different out of their high school experience. Whether students are looking to get a head start on earning college credits, explore subjects that aren’t covered in traditional high school classes, take on a more rigorous or engaging workload, or get an early glimpse of life after high school, dual enrollment can be an excellent route to take.

Location Semester Credit
NMC or CTC Both 0.50


Work Experience is an innovative way to support students and their enthusiasm to join the work world.

Location Semester Credit
Double Edge Both TBA

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