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Traverse City Christian School is a 501(c)3 non-profit private learning community serving the children of families in Northern Michigan, as well as international students from around the world*  

From Preschool to 12th Grade, we are committed to providing an excellent education and instilling in our students a genuine desire to love and serve God.  This involves combining a balanced academic, arts and athletics education with Christian study and discipleship, ministry and missions.

At TC Christian, students learn to see the world through the lens of God’s Word. Our teachers don’t avoid the world.  They help students see it just the way it is: created by God, smudged by sin, and restored again in Christ.  They help students to use the glasses of the Bible to figure out the world.  We help your children learn a worldview. It’s more than a Bible study; it’s a study of the world through the Bible. With this worldview students learn, among other things, to use language to build up others, care for nature as God’s managers and make beautiful music and art.


Students learn to listen for God’s direction in the use of these gifts.  Here the groundwork is laid for what God will use later in their lives to extend His Kingdom, perhaps by healing a hurt in a person’s mind or body, making a beautiful building, creating a source of water for a poor village, developing technology for people to communicate across barriers, or managing resources for the good of others. 

Upon this foundation, TC Christian encourages students to learn and mature in both faith and intellect, and to meet and exceed standards.  Because we are helping parents raise their children to be successful adults, we teach our students how to manage themselves, and instill in them an outstanding work ethic focused on self-discipline, teamwork, and collaboration.  Through the course of their education, TC Christian students develop their leadership skills through assignments, assessments and adventures, and are given opportunities to identify their God-given aptitude, gifts and ‘Life-Calling’ so that as they advance through school, they do so with focus and purpose.

At Traverse City Christian School, we teach your children to See and Do; to see the world through the lens of the Bible and to do God’s work in His world.  Discover how Traverse City Christian School can prepare your student to live their life ‘on purpose’ and transform the world for Jesus Christ. It’s a grand view and a great task but we think you’ll agree, God’s children deserve nothing less!  

If you and your children are ready for a new school and a new life, let’s get together and see if TC Christian is right for you.

In His Service,

Jen Karczewski, Sacha Standfest, & Micah Gallegos
Collaborative Leadership Team

*Due to travel restrictions imposed during COVID, we were forced to suspend our international student program.  We hope to see this valuable program restarted in the near future.

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