12 Best Campfire Dinners

| August 4, 2018

There’s something about cooking on the open fire and eating outside that makes camping food irresistible. With a little preparation you can make a hearty dinner on the grill, in a Dutch oven, or using a cast iron skillet. The folks at AllRecipes.com have put together 12 sensational campfire recipes for your next camping adventure.

1. Grilled Sausage with Potatoes and Green Beans

This sausage and veggie foil parcel couldn’t be easier. It’s ready in 45 minutes, and dinner is served. To save time use baby potatoes, and wash, chop, and bag your veggies in advance.

Grilled Sausage with Potatoes and Green Beans

Photo by Molly

2. Cowboy Casserole

This hearty casserole with canned biscuit topping can made in your Dutch oven . It cooks quickly, and will fill your tummy after a long day on the trails.

Cowboy Casserole

Photo by Kim’s Cooking Now!

3. Beef Shish Kebabs for Freezer Cooking

This meal is perfect for camping, as you can prepare, marinate, and freeze all the ingredients in advance in a zip-lock bag. When you’re ready to go, dinner is ready for the grill.

Beef Shish Kabobs for Freezer Cooking

Photo by Holiday Baker

4. Earth, Sea and Fire Salmon

Salmon, potatoes, and veggies all cooked in a foil packet is the ultimate quick campfire meal.

Earth, Sea, and Fire Salmon

Photo by Patty Cakes

5. Summer Corn Chowder

This one-pot wonder is cooked in your Dutch oven, and is a great way to enjoy all that sweet summer corn. Prepare all the veggies in advance, then sit back and savor the aroma as it cooks.

Summer Corn Chowder

Photo by lutzflcat

6.Big Ray’s Kielbasa Cabbage Skillet for a Crowd

Cabbage, sausage, and potato all simmer together in a smoky tomato sauce. This is camping food at its best. Instead of bringing large jars of spices, store what you need in an empty Tic Tac box.

Big Ray's Kielbasa Cabbage Skillet for a Crowd

Photo by lutzflcat

7. Irish Soda Bread in a Skillet

This quick cooking soda bread is baked in a skillet, and is good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Irish Soda Bread in a Skillet

Photo by TTV78

8. Omelet in a Bag

You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this before. Cook your bagged omelet in a saucepan of boiling water for super quick clean-up.

9. Chicken and Chorizo Chili

The bottle of beer in the recipe makes this chili extra rich, and delicious. Grate, and bag cheese in advance to serve on top.

Chicken and Chorizo Chili

Photo by Linda T.

10. Flaming Burritos

This tried-and-true Girl Scouts® inspired recipe is quick to make, and requires minimal clean-up. Serve with salsa and some sour cream on the side.

11. Campfire Pepperoni Pizza

Bring some refrigerated pizza dough, a jar of pizza sauce, pepperoni, and you’ve got all the makings of a quick skillet pizza.

Campfire Pepperoni Pizza

Photo by bd.weld

12. Eggs on the Grill

Another genius recipe to cook eggs for a crowd on the campsite.

Bon apetit, campers.

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