A Helping Hand

| May 14, 2020

The team at Double Edge has been a huge blessing to TC Christian and we’re always thrilled to learn how they reach beyond our borders to make an impact for others, too.  Karin Stevens, Area Coordinator for Single MOM Ministries in Traverse City, shared a particularly kind experience one of their moms had with JoAnn Connor, the manager at Double Edge. 

Karin writes: “Double Edge has been helping to fill needs for our moms during the COVID crisis.  I just received a call from a mom who was very grateful for our help.  I realized some may not know what has been happening behind the scenes during this COVID crisis with a couple thrift stores in town.  These thrift stores have been showing kindness to our moms and I thought you might like to hear this story!  

As I made calls or worked with new moms coming to us, there were a few who had concerns about getting clothes for children who were rapidly growing.  These moms were uneasy as to what they could do.  Double Edge and Twice Trendy Tots have both been willing and so gracious in helping with these requests.  Most of the requests have been for children under three years old so both stores have picked out clothes for the different request, put them in bags and had the moms pick up at a certain time, no cost to them.

On Friday I received a call from a mom who was also concerned about clothes for her ever growing middle/high school boys.  So, I contacted Double Edge.  JoAnn, the store manager, told me to have this mom meet her in the back of the store.  This has been where she has left the clothes for the other moms so I thought that was what she was going to do today.  When this mom called me back, she said that JoAnn let her and her children come into the store and look through the clothes so her boys could each pick out items that they liked and would wear. 

Mom was so grateful for this!!  She said they each found a pair of jeans, some shirts and even one pair of swim trunks!  This was such an act of kindness to this mom.  She wanted to call me to share what Double Edge had done.  Mom said she wanted to pay for the clothes, but JoAnn wouldn’t take it.  So, this mom decided that when they got home, she was going to have her boys clean out their closets and drawers for outgrown clothes and give back to Double Edge so they can make money off of their donation!  Another story of kindness during crisis for both giver and recipient.”

JoAnn, thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus to a family in need.  You’re a blessing to all who know you. 

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