A Great Experience Starts Here

| March 22, 2019

One of the treasures of the TC Christian ‘franchise’ is our super-successful thrift shop, Double Edge.  What makes up the treasure at the Edge are pieces of pure gold, otherwise known as our staff and volunteers.  One such nugget is Jim Szur (‘Sure’).  Jim’s been with the Edge since 2017 and obviously loves his work.  A self-described ‘people person’, Jim wants Double Edge guests who interact with him to feel “that their day was better because they came into the store and had a great experience”.  We caught up with Jim for an in-depth chat.

When did you start with Double Edge and what’s your role there?  September, 2017–Cashier

What do you love about Double Edge?  The flexible hours that allow me to be involved in other activities.

Why do you like working at Double Edge?  .I enjoy meeting and talking with people.  This position allows me to do this. In addition, I enjoy the staff I work with.

What motivated you to join the team at Double Edge?  I was looking for a part time position that gave me flexibility in my schedule.  Additionally, I am able to converse with people in this position, and I believe that is one of my strengths.

Double Edge is an extension of Traverse City Christian School.  How do you incorporate a Christian Worldview in your work at the Edge?  By sharing my beliefs in Jesus and connecting with other Christians that come into the store.

What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your role to help shape the experience of colleagues and customers?  My personality lends to the ability to talk with people and interact with them.  I call myself a “people person”.”

How have you seen God at work at Double Edge (e.g. staff or customer testimony)?  I have seen God’s work in both staff and customer testimony.  As a staff, we pray and ask for blessings on the store and on Traverse City Christian School.  Customers have come in and have shared how God has impacted their lives and how that has changed them.

What sets Double Edge apart from the other thrift shops in the area?  The atmosphere is one of a Christian setting.  Christian music is always playing and many customers have commented that they appreciate the music station that is playing.  Double Edge is a very clean store with quality merchandise. Customers have made that comment numerous times when the come to the register.  I believe Double Edge sells quality items for a very affordable price, and does so from a Christian perspective.

What do you want colleagues and customers to gain from having known you?  That I was a hard worker who enjoys interacting with people.  Additionally, that I was polite to them and that their day was better because they came into the store and had a great experience.

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