Burger Tuesdays Are Looking Up

| April 25, 2019

Burger Team Alpha (L to R: Olga, Doug, and April) with the new grill.

If you’re ever around TC Christian on a Tuesday morning, you’ll find a rather devoted team of hamburger makers preparing buns, cheese, condiments and the all-important beef burger patties for lunch.  April, Doug, and Olga live by the maxim:  “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these burger makers from the swift completion of their appointed tasks”  (Apologies to the US Mail for the paraphrasing).  We also know they’re dedicated because the grill they’ve been working with is, to put not too fine a point on it, atrocious.  It’s small, unstable, falling apart, and ready for the dump.

Enter Anonymous Donor Guy!

This week, Burger Team Alpha had their world rocked when one of our awesome donors (who prefers anonymity), presented the school with a brand new 8-burner party grill.  It’s large, stable, easily portable, and cooks 2-3 times more burgers in half the time.  Doug summed it up well.  As he wiped away a tear, he said simply, “This is fantastic.”  Thanks for all your good work, Burger Team, and thank you to our generous donor who has not just helped make Tuesdays more fun, his gift has opened the door for many more outdoor cooking adventures in the future.


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