Junior Biologists Tackle Starfish

| May 30, 2019

Earlier this week, the 3rd graders at TC Christian took one of the shortest field trips of the year.  They traveled all of 50 yards to the 7th grade science room where the Middle Schoolers led them through a Sea Star dissection.

As it happened, a camera crew was visiting campus for an entirely different purpose and took the opportunity to film some of the lab.  The supervisor of the film crew commented on how remarkable it was to see younger children so deeply engrossed in a project with their older peers.  He said it was something he’d never really seen before.  This opened up a wonderful opportunity to share about TC Christian’s Big brother/Big Sister program and the effort to connect younger and older students in order to foster healthy community.  By all accounts it was a fantastic time exploring God’s Creation!  Catch some of the pictures here.

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