Swingshift And The Stars

| August 29, 2019

Thanks to the efforts of the generous folks at Knorr Marketing, TC Christian has been selected to join Swingshift and the Stars for a second season.  While not unusual to see organizations repeat, it is unusual to do so in back-to-back years.

Originally based on the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ format, Swingshift and the Stars (SATS) began in 2008 and is in its 12th year in Traverse City.

It has two primary goals:

  • Raise money for select nonprofits
  • Raise awareness for select nonprofits

Since its inception, SATS has raised over $4 million for area nonprofits.  Their events are held at the City Opera House and are typically sold-out affairs.  TC Christian is one of just eight area non-profits to participate in this year’s program and will perform twice:

October 18 – The first event is a Dance Contest.  Our nominated Star dancer is TC Christian Junior, Simeon Popa (Class of ’21), who is paired with Rachel Trim, a professional dance instructor.  Together they will work up a high energy dance routine to present to the judges and guests with the hope of winning several awards and earning donations.

December 13 – The second event is a Lip Dub.  TC Christian will feature five students in what can only be described as a highly choreographed and entertaining presentation.  The Lip Dub team has the same objective as Simeon, namely winning awards and earning donations.

Last year was hugely successful for TCCS and we’re hoping to see a repeat performance this year.  There are a limited number of tables and seats available for these events.  If you would like information on sponsoring a table and/or obtaining seats for either event, please contact our Director of Mission Advancement, Craig O’Connor.

In the meantime, please enjoy this cool video of TC Christian provided by the Swingshift organization.



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