TC Christian Students, Take A Bow 

| March 19, 2019

Every day, TCCS hosts visitors and guests who come to campus for a wide variety of reasons.  Some of those special guests include our TCAPS substitute teachers who get an up close and personal look at what we pray will be an example of the difference that Christ makes in a school setting.  We thought you’d enjoy the notes we received from two TCAPS guest teachers this week.  As Mrs. Argyle put it, “It’s not very often someone is so impressed by student behavior that they email the next day.”

“Dear Mrs. Argyle:

I hope you’re having a wonderful day today, and feeling better.  The students at Traverse City Christian School are probably the best students I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending a day with.    Especially that last hour.  They were so exceptional that it was hard for me to believe they were only Sixth graders.  Their behavior and maturity take second place to no other class I’ve ever been with.  They sent my mind to comparing them with  senior level calculus and chemistry classes with whom I’ve spent a day in the past.  Thank you for the delight you gave me by trusting me with those wonderful kiddos.  I sincerely hope that I measured up to your expectations.” – Orin Hanson 

Another TCAPS sub added to the praise when he said, “This is the best sixth grade class I have ever substituted for” – Kyle 

Well done, students!  You not only represented your families, your churches, and your school well; most importantly, you represented Jesus well. That is a testimony to your character and faith.  Thank you.

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