‘What The Resurrection Means To Me’

| April 15, 2019

(Clockwise From Top): Olivia Strehl, Josh Millward, Lily Hoy, Avary Ehlert, Josh Bradway

All this week, Christian radio station, WLJN, will be featuring perspectives on the meaning of Easter, including a special selection from a group of TC Christian 4th Graders.

Earlier in the month, WLJN reached out to TCCS with an idea to include children in their Easter programming.  Around that same time, Mrs. Bruckbauer’s 4th Grade class had just completed a writing assignment entitled, ‘What The Resurrection Means To Me.’  The timing couldn’t have been better.  Mrs. Bruckbauer selected five students to share their reflections, and off they all trooped to the radio station.

Each of the children spent a few minutes with WLJN News Director, Peter Lathrop, in the studio – completely unrehearsed – discussing Easter and reading their reflection.  They were a credit to us all.  None of the students had ever been interviewed on air before, so their ability to think on their feet and articulate such solid responses to Pete’s questions are testament to the Biblical teaching they have received from their families, their churches, and their school.

To preview the students’ interviews, click here.

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